Here are the products that might be the right choice for your solution:

In 1998, Flexitallic set new standards for sealing technology with the introduction of Thermiculite Critical Service Series gasket material. Exclusively to Flexitallic, Thermiculite was comprised of chemically and thermally exfoliated Vermiculite, simulated structure of exfoliated graphite, with one notable exception- it maintains integrity through a wide range of high temperatures. Thermiculite is a special filler […]


Corriculite is specially designed by Flexitallic as a special filler gasket for use in corrosion-sensitive environment, such as seawater and hydrocarbon service application. Conventional graphite gasket in instance, promote the initiation and propagation of corrosion of flanges due to graphite’s electrical conductivity and position in the galvanic series, leading to premature failure and leakage. Corriculite […]

Change Gasket

Change gasket, a resilient metal-wound heat exchanger gasket designed to deliver a seal with the most dynamic recovery. Why Change Gasket? Read more about Change Gasket here.